About Us

We are a team of hospitality industry experts with twenty-five plus years of experience establishing, automating and operating destination management services, and we have designed an automated on-line DMC software system for streamlining meeting management with technology!

Our patent pending software, destin™, which powers the e-dmc.com™ site has successfully operated thousands of group travel programs, by utilizing destination information in a unique fashion to plan, schedule, purchase, cost, operate and bill group travel programs.

What is e-dmc

A patent pending software program that will let you control your business to optimize profitability!

A "one stop shop" for creating, organizing, scheduling, purchasing and managing group travel programs!

A "knowledge base" of critical destination information that can be created and readily available for all planning and purchasing needs.

A perfect tool that incorporates today's technology, saving time and money.

Who needs e-dmc

Meeting Planners: Control your budget. Save money or provide a more robust program for same amount.

Incentive Companies: Save money.

Hotels: Create a new profit center.

Destination Management Companies: Save Time.

Convention & Visitors Bureaus: Your destination is more appealing to Meeting Planners when you show them a cost effective way to service their client’s needs.

Why is e-dmc important

Checks and balances are built into the system, cutting down on errors usually associated with manual processes.

Net Pricing for the same goods & services normally coordinated by a 3rd party intermediary.

Meeting Planner Concierge’s prepare your program paperwork for you in 24 hour turn around.

All Purchase Orders are emailed directly to the vendors.

Less dependence on middlemen and their markups.

Creates client satisfaction with timely & accurate information.

Makes managing for profitability and transparency a primary goal.

Our Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors Is comprised of individuals with a blend of technology backgrounds and/or hospitality. With this broad level of experience and backgrounds, our advisors can best serve our mission to provide the best meeting planning and dmc software.

Bernard Jennings, Managing Principle, Capstone Consulting Group, LLC

Bob Tolan, CFO, DPIX LLC

Brenda Tolan, Dir. New Product Introduction & Outsourcing, OpNext Inc

Cindy Novotny, Master Connection Associates

Lefty Novotny, Master Connection Associates

Hi! I am The Meeting Planners Concierge (MPC). If you would like me to handle your entire program, my services are available at a nominal fee. I will build and prepare all the necessary reports.
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Technical support is available 24/7,
please call 800-605-5597 ext. 108

How Can e-dmc Help Your Business?

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Hear About Us

January 27, 2009
Mimegasite.com :
e-destinACCESS Readies e-dmc Its Free Web-Based Meeting Planning Tool

Why Our Users Love e-dmc

The DMC world is changing. With on-line tools common place in the property selection process, it seems logical to do the same with other outside services like those that DMC's offer. Today we have "next-gen" meeting planners eager to exploit new cost and time savings on-line tools. e-dmc is that solution. We see immediate and dramatic cost and time savings being delivered to meeting planners, tangibles of paramount importance in today's marketplace.
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Kurt Bjorkman
Destination Planner
San Diego, USA